Zhejiang queping textile chemical Limited by Share Ltd


About us

"Queping company has always been to promote technological progress, our country's dyeing and finishing industry of our country to improve the sweater dress quality level and the international competition ability of responsibility, finishing technology and textile auxiliaries series in the field of wool fabric, and academies and research institutes work closely, always stand in the forefront of the times, focus on the future development of in the direction of wool fabric finishing technology......"


安全理念:安全全方位从严细抓落实 一切为安全

Safety concept:Comprehensive and strict secutity system;Security lead


精益求精 诚信至上

Marketing idea:

greater perfection,higher prestige


主动服务 全员服务 客户第一 质量为本

Service philosophy:

Active Service;Full service;Client first;

Quality paramountcy


以诚信赢客户 以品质打市场 以服务求发展

Management principle:

By the intergrity,we win the customers by the

quality,we exploit the market by the service,we

seek the development