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Zhejiang queping textile chemical Limited by Share Ltd has long been adhering to the "science and technology is the first productive force" approach, "innovation is the soul of an enterprise and progress" for the purpose, attaches great importance to investment in science and technology and talent introduction, innovation in science and technology as a platform to research the joint as the carrier, the development of high-tech, high value-added new products, new technology, has become China's sweater dyeing technology innovation leader.

The company mainly engaged in the project: textile auxiliaries, sweater finishing, garment dyeing, garment printing, digital printing. Have queping textile research and development center, Tongxiang provincial high tech technology sweater dyeing and finishing of regional science and technology innovation service center, the provincial Zhejiang province Jiaxing sweater industry technology innovation service platform of printing and dyeing and finishing technology research institute. Queping company has always been to promote technological progress, our country's dyeing and finishing industry of our country to improve the sweater dress quality level and the international competition ability of responsibility, finishing technology and textile auxiliaries series in the field of wool fabric, and academies and research institutes work closely, always stand in the forefront of the times, focus on the future direction of development in wool fabric finishing technology, fully grasp the development trend of science and technology, undertake, completed a number of national Spark Program, the national Torch Program, the National SME Innovation Fund Project of Zhejiang Province, a major scientific and technological projects, and has won the Zhejiang Provincial People's government, Chinese Textile Industry Association, Chinese business the Federation at all levels of science and technology progress award. In order to improve and promote the technical progress, quality level, market competition ability, economic benefit and social benefit of the sweater industry, it has a profound and lasting influence.

The company is a high-tech enterprise in Tongxiang Province, an innovative model enterprise in Zhejiang Province, and a leading enterprise in the industry of high tech characteristic industrial base in the province. Zhejiang province famous brand, Jiaxing famous trademark.